Dry Mushroom (250 gm)

৳ 400.00

Nutritious Dry Mushrooms!!!

500 gm


Our organic dry mushroom is one of the healthiest sources of nutrition and protein from a plant based diet.

Mushrooms have a high amount of Copper in a natural form to help you build collagen, helpful for the Adrenalin, connective tissues and joint health.

High amount of Selenium is present in mushroom which is a very powerful antioxidant, supports lever health, get rid of toxins from the lever. Selenium is also good for the hair, skin and eye sight. In recent research scientists have found that selenium helps producing sperms in male.

Mushrooms are the only vegan source for Vitamin D other then sun. It is a rich source of B Vitamins (Riboflavin, Niacin) to give natural health support for your skin, heart, mood, stress and adrenals. Mushroom has a substance called Beta-Glucan to help you with insulin resistance and lowering cholesterol. Has a good amino acid profile and loaded with Iron.

Calcium in mushrooms absorbed by the body very well because of natural Vitamin D’s presence which is good for our bones and joints related health problems.


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