7-9 Hours of Sleep for Health, Vitality and Productivity

    Scientists are just beginning to understand the biological purpose and the complex sleep process that affect the functionalities of all the systems of the human body. Our brain functions, immune system, metabolism, respiratory system, blood circulations, and poor mental health, are directly connected with sleep. Reduced amounts of sleep are also associated with … Read more

How to Increase Red Blood Cells (RBC)?

Increase blood supply

  To increase blood supply or blood flow is often refers to the increase of healthy red blood cells (RBC) count. Low RBC in the body causes anemia which also refers to low hemoglobin. Anemia is a condition in which the concentration of hemoglobin in the red blood cells (RBC) is lower than normal. Hemoglobin … Read more

How Often and What Should We Eat for Optimal Health?

  How often you should eat or how much food you need or the total calories you need from the number of meals and snacks for your body’s optimum functioning depends on your height, weight, age, sex, leisure activities, work, physical activities, genes, body compositions, general state of health, medications, and environment.  The optimal number … Read more